Working through things

Cried yesterday. Crying today. Being with this emotional pain without running away so maybe I can clear up some things and step off this karmic merry go round. Great time to start getting personal but just wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how you lift me.


  1. alpharetta said: Sending loving thoughts way.
  2. ashramof1 said: Lots and lots and lots of love ! Just saw this ! And more love !
  3. christ-consciousness said: …same here. Sending you Love :)
  4. zingara84 said: It’s weird, I was just like that a week or two ago. Must be some big energy shifting lately. Do whatever you need to process it all peacefully, and you will definitely feel better in the end. :)
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    Me too. TY for your honesty.
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